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DataShowcase Help

DataShowcase is a simple-to-use web database that anyone can setup and use from their own home page.


DataShowcase can search for multiple words or part words. In addition, DataShowcase can search using wildcards.
The default matching allows for partial word matching and wildcards.
Matches can also be made to match ALL your search entries or return only EXACT matches for your entries.


DataShowcase accepts these wildcards:
'?': will match any character in this position e.g. d?g will match dog, dig and dag but not dot.
'*': will match any number of characters in this position e.g. d* will match dog, dig, dag and dot (but not cat)


Use the navigation controls on the DataShowcase pages, NOT your browsers back or forwards buttons.

The controls are hyperlinks.
'<<': will move to the first record/s available
'<': will move to the previous record/s available
'>': will move to the next record/s available
'>>': will move to the last record/s available
'Refresh': will refresh the current page (occasionally this may help if DataShowcase had to skip some records that had not been downloaded when the search was performed)

Moving between records

Depending on how your DataShowcase database was configured you may have a summary page listing only part of a number of records. If this is the case, there will be a link before that record shown as a record number. To see the record in full, click on the link.
When you are on the page with all the record's details and want to go back to the list, you can do this by clicking on the 'Back' link.

About DataShowcase

DataShowcase is made by Unley Software. We hope you find it useful. For more information please see our web site at



أنت الزائر رقم

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